In order to maintain the CLIENT’s equipment in fully functional condition at all times, as far as possible, Nabbu International Trading Concern will provide the CLIENT a variety of service which are categorized as follows:

  1. On-Call maintenance service
  2. Standby maintenance service
  3. Regular Preventive Maintenance
  1. On-Call maintenance service:
    1. On our On-Call service, we can be available during office time for the maintenance service.
    2. The CLIENT may call NITC outside of office-hour in case of emergency by making a mobile/telephone call to NITC Personnel.
    3. Client can log service request service by the following four modes:
      • By calling directly to admin staffs of Customer Support Division at +977 9841568924 , +977 9801163637
      • By sending direct email to [email protected].
  2. Standby maintanance service:
    1. NITC will provide a technical person on the CLIENT end to assist as per requirement.
    2. If the problem could not be solved onsite, other technical person from the NITC will attend the problem.
  3. Regular Preventive Maintenance :
    1. Generally speaking, RPM of all the equipment will be carried out once per equipment over the period of three (3) months and printers will be cleaned as on when required.
    2. A Field Service Report (FSR) shall be filled out and signed by authorized personnel of both the CLIENT and NITC after the completion of every RPM visit or any other maintenance call visit. NITC ‘s authorized personnel in this case will be the service personnel attending the call/visit.

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